SLRRP is no longer an active project.

SLRRP was the Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol, an individual submission Internet-Draft to the IETF for a protocol to convey configuration, control, status, and tag information between controllers and readers in an IP-based RFID network. It has since been superceded by the "Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) Standard" written by the EPCglobal Reader Operations working group. More information about LLRP, including the specification itself, is available at EPCglobal's LLRP page.

This project provided a C language implementation of the SLRRP protocol for clients and servers. It's Open Source Software, licensed under the liberal "new BSD" license.

The SLRRP implementation is hosted by SourceForge. You can start by downloading the source code or by pulling it from the CVS repository. Please be sure to read the README file in the source code root directory.